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What are the essential tools you need to start 3D printing off c

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What are the essential tools you need to start 3D printing off course first you have to have 3D Printer with filaments

Make your life easier when 3D printing.

1. Blue Masking Tape 2" ( for PLA)
2. Kapton Tape (For ABS - Temperature tolerance 400 C)
3. Glue Stick (best for Glass Bed also on tape too)
4. Digital Vernier Calliper (Recommended for measuring models and tools etc.)
5. A Set of Tweezers ( Time to time cleaning extruder nozzle's out side)
6. Palette Knives (Scraper - easy to remove printed model from the bed)
7. Knife & Cutting Mat ( To clean up imperfection of 3d printed models)
8. Sandpaper ( good quality for cleaning / polishing the model recommended coarse (220 grit) to fine (1000 grit)
9. Pliers (Set of cutters and pliers) for cleaning printed model as well as for 3d printer's nut and bolt tightening time to time you need it.
10. Screw Drivers & Hex Key Screw Drivers (to periodically re-tighten the screws of the gantry and stepper motors of your 3D printer.)
11. Desiccant (to protect water damage your 3d printer's Filaments if you are string them - filament absorbs water over time,
12. Permanent Marker (when running multiple prints of the same model but with different slicer settings. It is good idea to note down the sequence and settings for each print and mark the finished objects for future reference.)
13. Flash light ( helpful to watch and find out problems with models especially during the 3d printing)

Following are not essential tools but Nice to have.

14. Dremel (Polishing cutting, sanding, carving and grinding to 3d models.)
15. Laser Thermometer (for double check heated bed and nozzle's temperature recommended non-contact, infra-red or laser-based thermometer)
16. BuildTak or smiler plastic tray (recommended alternative to masking tape/Kapton tape.)
17. Zip-lock / airtight bags or sealing container for filaments storage.

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