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Shipping & Returns

Shipping and return

Shipping and Returns:

At your checkout S&H = $11.99 /each item (Mostely for USA / Canada)

Returns and Cancellations policy:
>>> customer may return a tangible product within a 7 days, as long as it is unused, unopened and in the same condition as received.  
>>> Item can be similar if exact match not available but sure it will be 100% compatible with your ordered item.
>>> If you are not agreed on terms stated on this page please do not buy.
>>> Buyer is responsible for all the Shipping and Handling or return shipping charges. 

>>> International and USA Customers must return the item by Postal Services only ( Returning / Sending by courier will be refused.)

Mostly we are Shipping with Canada post.
If you want us to ship by your choice of shipping method or your courier shipping account then you need to pay handling charges of $14.99 (as that increase our work) ( its the matter of convenience and not to save money).

Next day shipping after cleared payment.

If you want Next Day delivery for USA Please you need to pay Extra Shipping Charges Click here and pay same way as you are paying for your item

Up to $200 No custom for USA buyer but any how we do not guarantee and we do not control US Custom.

Shipping time can be very.

Domestically (within Canada): 4 - 10 business days.
Within North America (including most US continental destinations): 8 - 15 business days.
International destinations (including Europe, Italy, UK, Hawaii, Alaska): 15 - 30 business days.
Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan etc.: 20 - 60 business days.
We are charging for handling that can include in Shipping charges.
Buyer is responsible for custom or duty fee if any.
Buyer is responsible for all the Shipping and Handling or return shipping charges.
Shipping or Pickup charges (Pickup Handling Charges $5.00) are none refundable.
If you are not agreed on terms stated on this page please do not buy.
Item can be shipped only after full payment made and clear.
You can pay by Paypal, Credit Card, money order, personal check etc.
International destinations (if your shipping address is not from USA or Canada) please be advise we have rights to ask extra shipping charges if require (specially if item is bulky / bigger).
Also We may ask extra shipping charges for SHIP to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Mariana Island, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau.
Contact Us for any other mean of payment.

...Found anything ? or Need help?...Delay in receiving product ?... Please wait.  Sure you  will get it.

Our adapters and power supplies are not include separate power cord as it can increase shipping cost and power cords are very common and very cheap that you can find locally very easily.
If you got with power cord you should appreciate as it will consider bonus.
If you did not get power cord please buy locally or use your old one and please do not complaint.
Please be patience some time delays happen mostly from shipping carrier we do not have any control on shippers but we guaranty you will not loose any thing sooner or later you will get your item or we will send replacement free of charge. 
We always at your services and try to resolve any possible situation and work out with you.
You are always welcome to Contact Us  for any problem you face with your order.
Friendly Notice:
Upon receipt of our items please ensure the order is correct. We rigorously test and check our items to meet the toughest standards prior to shipping, if you encounter any problems please contact us. We will do everything we can to make sure your happy with your order.


Please make sure you are not making any mistake after payment and not confused and asking your credit card Co for charge back in case of you do so you are liable to pay all the expense on top of actual amount as we are also paying for charge back to our financial institutes mostly as bellow

Actual amount of the dispute $xx.xx
Bank fee $60.00
Merchant/Charge-back fee $60
our Administration fee $60

on charge back can cost you $180.00 on top of actual amount

if still you are not ready to pay then it can go to collection and you need to pay more in terms of legal fee and collection fee all are buyers responsibility so please communicate with us first we are here to resolve any matter in reasonable way.

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