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Type of filaments for 3D Printers

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Filament Types for 3D Printer; FDM - 175°C and 250°C - Fused Deposition Modelling Filament
For Bed Adhesion, mostly we use Blue Painters Tape, unless mentioned otherwise

ABS - 210 – 250°C, bed temp 50-110°C - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Kapton/Hairspray)
HIPS - 220-230°C, BED TEMP: 50-60 ° C High Impact Polystyrene (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Kapton Tape/Hairspray)
LAYBRICK - 180-220°C, bed temp 20-55 °C - look and feel of grey stone (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Blue Painters Tape)
LayCeramic - 260-275°C bed temp 20-55°C - clay engineered for 3D Printers (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Blue Painters Tape)
Lay-Felt - 225 - 235°C bed temp 20-55°C - felt like filament that is highly porous (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Blue Painters Tape)
LAYWOOD-D3 -175-250°C, BED TEMP: 30°C - look and feel of fibreboard (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Blue Painters Tape
NYLON - 260°C (235-270°C) bed temp 60-80°C - Polyamide (Bed Adhesion Recommended: PVA Based Glue)
PC - Polycarbonate, extremely strong, resistant thermoplastic material (Bed Adhesion Recommended: GlueStick/Hairspray)
PET - 210-255°C (160°C - 255°C), bed temp 55°C - PolyEthylene Terephthalate (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Blue Painters Tape)
PETT -  212°C to 224°C - “T-glase” short for tough glass (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Blue Painters Tape)
PLA - 200°C (180-200°C), Bed temp 20 – 65 °C - Polylactic acid (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Blue Painters Tape)
PVA - Do not exceed temp above 225°C, Heated bed set at ±55-60°C - Polyvinyl Acetate (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Blue Painters Tape)
TPE -  210 – 230°C bed temp (20-55°C) - like rubber that bounces back and forth into the shape
TPU -  240-260 ° C , BED TEMP: 40-60 ° C - Thermoplastic Polyurethane (Bed Adhesion Recommended: Blue Painters Tape)

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